“…What I found to be most interesting was the way Judy guided me. She applied a minute amount of pressure which actually suggested how to move instead of demanding it. I felt that this allowed me to make my own realization as to what I needed to do, and also to feel more accomplished that I was able to find it…”
James F, HS acting student, Ocean County, NJ


The Alexander Technique teaches people to move in a more comfortable, easy, balanced and flexible way. Over the course of a series of lessons or classes, students learn to recognize their own personal habits of overuse, misuse and excess tension; and how to let them go. The result is regained comfort and mobility in everyday activities both at the workplace and at home.

People study the Alexander Technique for a variety of reasons including: to overcome chronic pain; to improve coordination, flexibility and balance; to hone highly specialized skills such as playing a musical instrument or swinging a golf club.


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Judy received her Alexander Technique teacher training at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique. Her first and most influential teacher was Martha Hansen Fertman, co-founder and now director of the Philadelphia School. Judy studied with other renowned teachers including Marjorie Barstow and Elizabeth Walker, both students of FM Alexander. She also completed a post-graduate course in New York City with John Nicholls.

Judy brings over 30 years of experience with the Alexander Technique to her teaching of both groups and individuals. She has taught groups at the collegiate level: West Chester University in West Chester, PA and TCNJ in Trenton, NJ; high school level: Performing Arts Academy in Ocean County, NJ and Red Bank Performing Arts Academy in Monmouth County, NJ; and through adult education centers: Cheltenham Adult School in Cheltenham, PA and Mt. Airy Learning Tree in Mt. Airy, PA, among many other venues.

People of all ages, diverse backgrounds and varied careers have benefited from their individual Alexander Technique lessons with Judy. Some of her clients are performers who take lessons to learn to perform with increased comfort and ease. She has also helped many people who have come to her suffering from chronic pain.Others spend many hours a day working at a computer and study the Technique to learn to sit and work more comfortably.  Judy tailors individual lessons to each person’s needs and goals to optimize results.

“I found the Alexander Technique and my wonderful teacher Judy Pagon at a time when I needed them most.  I was dealing with a lot of fibromyalgia pain and knew that the way I used my body must be contributing to this in some way. Exercises, medications, and even massage did not help. I did not know much about Alexander Technique when I started taking lessons.  All I knew was that I needed some kind of very gentle body work that would offer some kind of relief and improve flexibility and posture. I had no idea I was about to learn so much more than this.  From the first lesson I was amazed how a simple touch from my teacher could ‘move mountains’ in my body as well as in my mind! My enjoyment of movement, my body, my mind and my life have all been deepened and enriched from this work.”
—Jennifer W, paralegal, Deptford, NJ

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Photograph by Jano Cohen Photography.